Our Story

CJ and Matt attended college together at Northern Arizona University. After graduation, we both went our separate ways, but found time to meet up and recreate in Boise, Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Moab. Both of us separately fell in love with the process of making sourdough bread. The variability involved when trying to encourage millions of microorganisms to achieve your goal can be frustrating or rewarding depending on your result. Its only with experience and patience that you can get to the point where you are consistently achieving your desired result.


I began baking sourdough loaves when I returned from a 3 week trip to Alaska after I quit my first big job. I remember taking a pinch of my Uncles starter on the plane ride back to my hometown of Boise. My first two loafs came out pretty good, probably just a result of following the recipe to a T combined with the ideal late spring fermentation temperatures being just right. When looking back, its no surprise that being jobless and obsessed with bread would lead me down the road of starting a wood fired pizza truck. However, even after having arrived at where that road leads I sometimes cannot fully comprehend all of the turns, potholes, steep hills, and near wrecks it would lead me on.


I began to cash out all of the stocks I had worked so hard to be able to invest in. The first bits of cash I used on the Truck itself “Greeny” as the previous owner referred to the 2.5 Ton beast. That day I drove it home…well to my parents house with a fully choked carb sucking air the whole way home, yeah she was going to need some work. I just never estimated how much that would end up being.

I spent the next year at another uncles warehouse where I picked up an angle grinder for first time, my first task? Tearing a hole in the bed to install the cashiers area and stairs. I was so hesitant to start, fearing I would make a mistake every time I switched the tool on. Fortunately I quickly overcame my fear of failure(for now at least) and cracked on. Months went by, I was living at the generosity of my family in Idaho Falls. Benefiting from the warehouse space and shop experience of my father’s side of the family, and the hospitality on my mothers side. Every night my uncle would cook up a meal I had never tried before, and not once was I disappointed by the myriad of culinary exploits.

During that year, I learned to weld, plumb, wire, and finished by assembling a 1,000 lb masonry oven. The cornerstone of the operation. With the oven finally complete, we could spend time learning how to make pizza. We’re happy that we are now able to present to you what we believe is the ideal pizza dough. Naturally leavened with Sourdough yeast, cold proofed to produce the signature "good pizza" leoparding. We hope you liked our story, and we hope you’ll like your pizza even more!